A fulfilling startup business starts with passion

The first thing you need to start a successful business is simple but easily the most vital: passion. Without passion, there’s no point.

Everyone is passionate about something. It might take a little more creativity for you to turn your passion into a business than others, but if the passion is real then the foundation is laid.

Personally, my passion is making things. I took a ceramics class for three years in high school at Memphis Harding Academy and loved every second. When I moved to Nashville last fall to attend Lipscomb University, I lost that unique creative outlet that I took for granted for three years.

That was true until one Saturday afternoon in October. I spontaneously decided to begin renting a storage unit with my friend Christopher Galbreath, and we turned that 100-square-foot space into a pottery studio. Since then, our business has hit countless obstacles and joys that we have truly loved experiencing.

Your passion probably isn’t pottery, but there is something in your life that makes your heart sing. When you find it, make it your future. For college students, this is a time in life in which we have the most independence we’ve ever had and potentially ever will have. This is the time to be bold and pursue a passion!

Once you have a passion, you have to look to others who are already living it out. Passion is the vital groundwork, and the first building block is discovering what success looks like in that field.

For example, the Maze Hill Pottery is a famous studio in London, and an apprentice there named Florian Gadsby is already one of the most famous potter of our generation. I strive to model my own work and business model after his.

Likewise, Eric Landon, in my opinion, is the best potter I’ve encountered. His brand Tortus Copenhagen is one that is stylistically unlike my own, but he is an artist that is incredibly successful in the ceramics world.

Once you discover your passion, be bold and do something with it by first observing others who are living out that passion. What are you passionate about?


5 thoughts on “A fulfilling startup business starts with passion

  1. Micah,
    You sir have an inspiring blog going! I appreciate your post about passion. I have come to find that passion truly is the key ingredient to finding success in doing something you love!


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