The first step of business practice is finding a location


Once you have your mindset and your vision straight and are ready to put your business into practice, the first task to accomplish is finding a place to work. Odds are you won’t have much startup capital, so this will have to be somewhere you can work for the cheapest rent possible.

The ideal location for you depends on the type of business you are trying to create. Option one is the dorm room or apartment that you are already paying your university for! If this location could practically apply to your business model, go to your university first to get its approval and avoid any legal issues down the road.

However, the reality is that the majority of businesses can’t be run out of a dorm room. For example, my roommate would kill me if he came back after class every day to find glaze on his clothes and clay particles slowly making the air harder to breathe.

As a result, option two is a storage unit. We discovered that most storage unit facilities won’t let you operate a business out of their boxes; however, a select number, usually family-owned, will be happy to help you.

We found success at a local storage place called Thompson Lane Self Storage and have formed good relationships with the people there. We have a 100-square-foot unit with air conditioning and electricity, and it was perfect for beginning operations.

Finally, option three is office space. This will definitely be the most expensive option, so be wary when deciding that this is the only choice you have.

There are many websites that can help you narrow down your search for office space. For example, LoopNet is a tool that we have used many times in searching for a location for our studio and coffee shop this summer.

Once you’re ready to really start your own business, the first thing to do is find a location. Which option would you pick for your startup?


3 thoughts on “The first step of business practice is finding a location

  1. Great practical advice for starting a business. I am sure most people don’t really know when and where to start when they decide to start a business so this is a nice guide. Also, the pottery is very beautiful and looks really well made.


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