Ready to open your business? It’s time for marketing


Passion? Check. Vision? Check. Location? Check. The next step is to open up shop and start marketing!

Marketing is the most important aspect of entrepreneurship. If people don’t know that you exist and that you have a product they might be interested in, you will quickly run out of money and have to close.

Knowing how to find and interact with customers is a skill that you simply can’t operate a business without. Your first customers will naturally be friends and family; therefore, a great first place to market your brand is a Facebook business page. You are already connected with hundreds of people who will show interest in this venture of yours.

After this small following is developed, a logical progression is to begin branching out to your immediate surroundings. This is particularly effective and easy on college campuses. Put up posters around the student center and academic buildings, and write simple messages on white boards across campus to get your name out there.

At this point, you need to pick a form of social media to focus your marketing strategy. It is a waste of effort to give your full attention to every social media because, especially at this beginning stage in the life of your company, you should be targeting a specific audience.

For Belltower Artisans, this was Instagram. One big reason we focused on Instagram at first is the image-based nature of this media. Most aspects of our marketing involves pictures of our work, making Instagram the ideal way to communicate with the small following we had accumulated.

Another reason we developed Instagram more than other social media outlets is the audience that it targets. We were growing our name on campus, and Instagram is bigger among college-age students than most other networks.

Once you are ready to open up your business, good marketing becomes one of your primary objectives. What kind of social media would fit your marketing strategy best?



4 thoughts on “Ready to open your business? It’s time for marketing

  1. I really enjoyed this informative post on marketing. This is something I know all new businesses need to understand, and great point of using Instagram as a marketing technique.


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