Picking a name – never lose your creativity

Good news! Your business is officially off the ground! Once you start marketing and selling, things get exponentially busier and more stressful. It’s important to remember in these times that you are creative and this is your passion.

As I continue this series, the majority of what I say will deal with the best way to manage the business side of things that we didn’t know when Belltower Artisans began. These topics are essential to the process of successfully growing your company.

However, I want to take a break to remind you to never lose the creativity that inspired you to turn this passion of yours into a functioning business.

One of the most fun mental breaks you can take from the early stress of entrepreneurship is creating an official name. Trademarking a name with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office is expensive, so you want to do it only once.

This means that you need to be absolutely convinced that your name is the one you want to permanently use moving forward. Maybe you’ve known from the start, but don’t feel bad about changing it at this point in the life of your company.

Belltower Artisans was actually not our original name. We didn’t have a real title the first few weeks of operation, and we were Life Is Okay Pottery for a few months as well.

When we began doing research on purchasing the domains for a website on GoDaddy, we had to get serious about a name. A couple weeks consisted of the same process: thinking of a name, and either deciding that we didn’t love it or deciding that we didn’t love the several-thousand-dollar price tag that came with that particular domain.

Eventually we landed on Belltower Artisans and never looked back!

What is the name of your business?


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