My name is Micah Dempsey, and I am one of the co-founders of Belltower Artisans – two college guys, Christopher Galbreath and I, making a career out of our passion: creating. I trace my roots back to the 3-D art class at Memphis Harding Academy, where I learned the craft of pottery and began to love the concept of creating beautiful things by hand. When I moved to Nashville and began attending Lipscomb University, Christopher and I set into motion our dream: to own a pottery business. Working out of a studio in a 100-square-foot storage unit, we quickly encountered struggles and joys that we learned from and we have absolutely loved the journey through this. We knew how to make pottery; however, we didn’t know how to start a business. Consequently, I’d like to help anyone, especially college students, with awesome ideas avoid the mistakes we made in beginning a startup and offer advice to those interested in making their dreams become a business reality.

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